Business FAQ

You must register your business to shop on our site. The registration forms are located on our b2b services pages. You will also need to submit a copy of your state sales tax ID. We will look over your registration information and authorize you to access our products. We will email you when your account is active.

Yes, once your account is established, you will have one dedicated, expert business sales associate who will handle every aspect of your project. Please visit our B2B service section to get started.

Yes; For first-time USA customers, $2000 order is the mandatory minimum opening order. Minimum order in Canada is $3,000 USD. 

For existing customers, $500 is the reorder minimum. Requests for below minimum orders will be accepted only when paid by credit card. A “below minimum” fee of $20.00 applies to all orders below $500 or back orders below $250, and actual freight charges apply.

No; there is no initial order required to open an account. There is however an approval process before we authorize any business complete access to our online store. 

Product FAQ

All products are available online.

We provide an Excel spreadsheet of our current product line available. We also provide a box size chart that includes weight and package size.

Inspired Home is a national brand and a wholesaler, designer and manufacturer. The Inspired Home products and its collections can be purchased directly from our B2B website (after signing up your business as a B2B partner).
To purchase any items as a consumer, please Google the brand name and buy from any one of the many authorized dealers. Most of your favorite online retailers will carry Inspired Home collections.

These are the distinctive grains of the finished wood. Each piece has different patterns and characteristics making each product unique.

Yes. All materials will change in color overtime, but nothing so drastic as to be noticed on a daily basis. The most obvious cause of color fading is the sun. Therefore, occasional rotating of cushions or moving of furniture is advisable to prevent any noticeable color changes.

Please report your order details and any concerns about your items in writing via this form
and take pictures of any areas of concern. We will offer a resolution to work with you. You are bound to the terms and conditions of our site, however, as our valued customer we will work our hardest to ensure that you are satisfied with all our products.

We do not recommend using any stain-protectors as they may affect and change the fabric texture. No pre-treatments have been made. 

If additional measurements are needed, please feel free to leave us a message on our Contact page and one of Customer Care Associates will be able to respond to your request.

Delivery and distribution

Normal ship time is 3-5 business days to leave our facility. Ship times are subject to change without notice depending on order volume.

All our items in the cart will be priced with both shipping and handling.

We provide all orders with timely updates on shipping status and tracking. 

Depending on which part is required, we may or may not charge for additional parts. Please feel free to leave us a messa via our Contact page and one of Customer Care Associates will be able to respond to your request.

Returns will not be accepted if the product is damaged by the customer with scratches, stains, drilling or any other modifications.